Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC

Work equipment (old machines and old facilities etc.) due to their marketing - date (old stock) do not fall within the scope of EC/EU Directive (CE marking require) may present a danger to your employees while having a minimum safety standard match.

This minimum standard is set by the European labor means Directive 2009/104/EC. In complying with this Directive, the national implementations is to use depending on the place of installation/usage.

One example is this minimum standard in Austria by the industrial safety regulation Stf. II no. 164/2000 and fixed in Germany by the Industrial Safety Ordinance BGBl. I S. 3777.

How can we help?

We support you

  • as an operator of old machines/systems
  • as an employer of labor provides funds to

in complying with the Directive or work equipment in their respective national implementation.

When remodeling/expansion of old machinery/equipment we can assist you in evaluating whether this is a "substantial" change, which would mean a NEW CE marking.

These tasks include, among other things:

  • Advice and assistance relating to labor means Directive, the Austrian Industrial safety regulation, the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety etc.
  • Research on the current "state of the art", as applicable standards and technical regulations
  • Detection of security deficiencies and assist in the selection of measures under the consideration of the current "state of the art"
  • Conducting safety evaluations/creation of hazard-assessments
  • Advice and assistance in rebuilding/extension of existing machines/systems, as well as renewal of the electrical / control (see "Functional safety") all in accordance with the current "state of the art"
  • Delivery of advice that the affected product/machine/installation of the equipment Directive/Ordinance corresponds (e.g. authorities)
  • List of residual risks/organizational measures for inclusion in the operating instructions
  • Preparation or review of the operating instructions