ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU (former 94/9/EC)

For equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Accidents are avoidable!

Therefore - Consult us before an accident happens!

Not only compliance with the Directive is determining in case of the damage event also "Life on the rules of engineering"

Could an explosive atmosphere (gases, vapors, dust) escape from affected equipments or is a so-called ex-zone defined by the planer, manufacturer or engineer, in which the affected product should get inserted, then the product (depending on the equipment category) must not cause an explosion, that means it should not have any potential sources of ignition at all or only in case of an accident.

Also protective systems which are provided to avoid/reduce the effects of an explosion have to be conform with the ATEX-Directive to guarantee a safe working in case of an accident.

Equipment and protective systems for the intended use in explosive atmospheres have to be conform with the ATEX-Directive 94/9/EC since the 1st of July 2013.

The Directive 94/9/EC got replaced by the ATEX-Directive 2014/34/EU (since the 20th of April 2016).


How can we help?

TeLo supports you during the conformity assessment procedures refering to ATEX-Directive 2014/34/EU for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and, in addition, we prepare the necessary documents.

Depending on the equipment category it is possible, that it's necessary having done a check (for example a type examination) by a Notified Body after finishing the conformity assessment procedure, a check (for example a type examination) by a Notified Body has to be implemented or the documents have to be deposited by an Notified Body. We could advice you on the involvement of a Notified Body.


This tasks include for example:

  • Determination of the intended use (conditions) of the equipment and protective systems – Determination of the equipment category and temperature class.
  • Choice of the suitable ignition protection type.
  • Enquiries about standards
  • Listing of bought-in parts/components and checking of the suitability based on the Ex-Marking in form of an checklist.
  • Involvement of a Notified Body for implementation of an Type Examination or for deposit the documents.
  • Implementation of risk analysis (Analysis of ignition source) acc. to the ATEX-Directive 2014/34/EU for manufacturer of equipment and protective systems.
  • Consulting by the choice and by acquisition of equipments/components and protective systems.
  • Consulting and supporting by the determination of safety functions and the verification of them (see functional safety)
  • Consulting by the choice and construction of safety measures against explosion
  • Preparation of the necessary documentation among inclusion and usage of existing documents.
  • Listing of the residual hazard/organizational measures for including in the instruction.
  • Preparation or check of the instruction
  • Preparation of the Declaration of Conformity and of the label