Operational Approval generally

Within building a new plant which requires a licence or a significant modifacation of an existing plant, an approval for business premises acoording to laws regulating commercial and industrial business (GewO - StF: BGBI. No. 194/1994) and workplace regulation (AStV - StF: BGBI. No. 368/1998).

The aim is to protect the operator and its employees as well as clients and local residents and the environment from hazards, annoyances and further adverse impact. This is done by prescriptions and various requirements.

An Operational Approval sustains up to 5 years in case of interruption of operation, but it extinguishes in case of a close-down.

If more than two persons are employed  (at least for 2 hours daily) a workplace permission (ASchG - StF: BGBl. Nr. 450/1994) is obligatory too.