It is widely known that CE- marking is obligatory but only a few have time/possibilities to engage themselves intensive with that topic. If you do not wish to read through piles of legal documents, take the chance to let us inform and consult you about rights, duties and laws for CE-marking.

By implementation of binding directives the European Commission tries to reach safety standards applicable to different products for the whole European Economic Area (EEA).

The European directives offer a minimum of requirements for safety. These requirements have to be fulfilled before a given product is placed on the European market and they have to be implemented by the engineering rules, which are given by compliance with European standards (which are not compulsory).

The TeLo-Team would be pleased to help you, in order to keep your spirits up, not to loose your patience with directives and standards and with exploding costs. TeLo also will help you during inspections with authorities, demanding of EU-certifications and exports abroad.