Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

This directive applies to all equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure (PS) of more than 0.5 bar over atmospheric pressure (1013 mbar) to. Pressure in the vacuum region is expressed in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive as a negative value, making devices that only work in the vacuum region is not covered by the Pressure Equipment Directive.
Pressure Instruments are divided into four groups:

  • Reservoir (storage tank, boiler, etc.)
  • Pipes (incl. Flanges, nozzles, carrying, lifting lugs, etc.)
  • Pressure accessories parts (pressure gauge, control valve, check valve, etc.)
  • Equipment with safety function (safety valve, rupture discs, etc.)

Assemblies contain several pieces of pressure devices, which are connected by a manufacturer to constitute a coherent functional unit.

Implementation of the Directive

After determining a maximum of limiting values ​​for pressure (PS), temperature (TS) and the nominal size (DN) or volume (V), we have to find out the suitable category (I - IV) for the pressure equipment, based on conformity assessment diagrams.

Pressure equipment, reaching the limits of Article 4 (3) of the Directive at the most, must be prepared according to "sound engineering practice" and marked with a manufacturer's identification (no CE marking)/usage instructions.

Each category has assigned modules showing the necessary obligations of the manufacturer (e.g. creation of technical documentation, Internal production control, quality assurance system, turning on a notified body for the prototype test/design review etc.), also for assemblies.

Depending on the category (module), the involvement of a notified body is required. Depending on the category the notified body checks e.g. the technical documentation, safety equipment, the QS system, etc. and does a pressure test.

Before placing the pressure equipment or assembly on the market/putting the pressure equipment or assembly into service it has to be marked with the CE marking (affixed visibly, legibly and indelibly), as well as to issue an EU declaration of conformity according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. The technical documentation and the EU declaration of conformity must be available for the national market surveillance authority over a period of 10 years.

We will gladly assist you on categorizing or during the procedure of conformity assessment according to Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU for an assembly/pressure device.

  • Determination of the pressure equipment conformity assessment category/modules
  • Creation of a risk assessment (risk analysis & evaluation) to Pressure Equipment Directive
  • calls of all declarations of conformity according to Pressure Equipment Directive
  • creation or checking of documentation/manual
  • Consulting due to the involvement of a notified body