Explosion protection Directive 1999/92/EC (VEXAT)

Worker protection in work places and equipment in the presence of flammable, explosive substances - accidents are preventable!

Therefore - consult us before the accident!

Not only complying with the directive is the decisive factor in case of a damage but also „life according to engineering rules”
An integrated explosion-protection-concept is necessary in order to prevent explosions. Based on the possible replacement of flammable materials via technical safety systems and constructive protective measures up to organisational protective measures, you can see a complex and interactive safety system as a result.

The explosion-protection guidelines must in particular contain the following items:

  • Dangers of explosion have to be identified and undergo an assessment.
  • Adequate measures to implement the explosion protection targets have to be put in place.
  • Areas have to be divided into zones.
  • The areas have to follow the minimum regulations.
  • Suitability of the work equipments, electrical systems, working clothes and PSA as well as safety, verification and control equipment used in explosive areas.

How can we help?

We support you during processing of conformity evaluation processes according to the ATEX-directive 94/9/EC and are your partner in creating the explosion-protection-document according to the directive 1999/92/EC respectively VEXAT (Federal Law Gazette No. 309/2004/VEXAT).

These tasks comprise among others:

  • Development of optimal explosion protection concept for your machine/equipment (including. The relevant technical and organizational measures),
  • Perform risk assessment and ex-zoning according to Directive 1999/92/EC,
  • Performing risk analyzes (ignition source) according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for manufacturers of equipment and protective systems
  • Determine the data needed to evaluate the explosion and ignition hazards,
  • Advice on the selection of purchased equipment/components and protection systems,
  • Preparation of necessary documentation with the involvement and use of existing documents,
  • Advice on selection and interpretation of constructive explosion protection measures

For changes, additions, alterations work equipment or work processes each explosion protection document must be adapted.

Workplaces, construction and Foreign Employment and plants, which existed prior to 01.08.2004, have since 01.07.2006 Directive 1999/92/EC.

Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must since 01.07.2003 the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.