Directive conformer purchase

As the head of purchasing department of an international company said during a symposium:
"The easiest way to increase profits is to purchase cheap. “

If you want to purchase at the right price, you don’t just need a brilliant commercial background, but also negotiating skills and technical knowledge. Further more you will need knowledge about the legal specifications, which are applicable to your product in your country or other user country as well as possible additional contractual agreements when necessary.

According to European directives distributor of a product is required to give an explanation for his product if it falls within the scope of the European Directive ... unfortunately the practice is different. So it should be noted in the order and the appropriate standard to be named, so that the operator gets a product according to the current rules of the art.

These include, for example:

  • Documentation language(s) as well as
  • Necessary documents for a production plant license
  • Are the calculation-documents accepted by the manufacturer in the country or is it necessary to verify them locally?
  • Are there special standards necessary?
  • Did the supplier receive all necessary information to deliver the right product? (environmental conditions, Ex-zones, data on chemical media, …)

The costs caused by a supplier by he may not be complied with ignorance legal regulations, multiples are almost always higher than it would have cost to specify his requirements in detail, it is unnecessary to assume WITHOUT also a lot of responsibility for the delivery.

Telo offers extensive information and advice and, in some cases, a contract review and proposals for standard purchasing texts for compliance with the European directives and standards.