Over the course of the conformity assessment procedure for machines, plants and safety components, which finally leads to the CE marking, risk assessments, instruction manuals, checklists and lists of measures have to be prepared. We help you at the preparation of the required technical documentations and support you at the evaluation of your machines respectively plants (retrofitting / step changes).

You are the producer of a product and don’t know the applicable standards and directives for your product? Is it possible for you as the operator of a plant to trust in the CE marking which was affixed by the producer and the associated compliance of the Machinery Directive? Who is responsible for the CE marking in case of a retrofitting (step change) on the machine? When has a safety component have to be treated like a machine? Are the instruction manual and the declaration of conformity according to the product liability an element of the product and therefore a component of the supply?

We know the answers of your questions!

We help you with the necessary documents to fullfill all the requirements for the CE marking:

  • CE-conformity assessment procedure pursuant article 12 of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG for the submission of an conformity assessment pursuant attachment II 1.A. for the machine

  • Process for an incomplete machine pursuant article 13 of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG for the submission of an installation declaration pursuant attachment II 1.B.

  • CE-conformity assessment procedure pursuant the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG II 1.A. for the entirety of machines pursuant article 2 a)


Risk assessment

Practical example

A technical document was created for a machine. The successor is almost identical in development, only the drive was changed. Is it possible to simply "adapt" the technical documentation?

There can be no talk of “only” referred to the CE conformity assessment procedure. Every modification on the machine can mean new or higher risks and can therefore make a repetition of the CE process necessary. For example already a modification on the driving unit can raise the capability of the machine, with the result that new risks arise or wide ranging consequences on the interlinkage with other system components can be yielded. Therefore by planned modifications the risk should be analyzed and evaluated again before.
The risk assessment then shows up if a renewed CE marking of the affected machine or of the “total of the machines” is necessary.

Reach your goals together

You know about the obligations concerning CE marking but you neither have the time nor the possibilities to deal with this topic intensively? Are you also unwilling to read through mountains of laws, standards and directives? Then use the possibility to get the information and consulting from us about juridical requirements at CE-marking.