An employer who makes machines available to his employees in the company cannot avoid also dealing with the topic of "occupational safety". Sooner or later, questions will also arise regarding the application of the Work Equipment Directive or its national implementation. With TeLo, you have a "knowledgeable" partner when it comes to the Work Equipment Ordinance and the opportunity to obtain information and advice on obligations and laws.

What obligations do I have as the operator of an old machine or plant to protect my employees? Which tests have to be carried out when using work equipment subject to testing? Can my employee carry out this test? Which technical documents do I need for my machine if the Work Equipment Directive / Work Equipment Ordinance brings to bear? Does the modification of an old machine/plant come within the scope of the Work Equipment Directive?

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An employer must take precautions to ensure the safety and health of workers using the work equipment provided. In addition to the regular instruction of his employees on the correct handling (use) of the work equipment and any residual risks associated therewith, appropriate special instructions must be given to the repair, conversion, maintenance and servicing personal.

  • Advice and support in compliance with the European Work Equipment Directive or its national implementation, such as Work Equipment Ordinance (AM-VO), Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (BetrSichV) etc., as well as the research on the current "Rules of Technology"

  • Conducting safety evaluations

  • Preparation of risk assessments, issuing of expert reports

  • Advice / assistance with conversion / extension of old machinery / equipment

industrial safety

Hazard analysis

Hazard analysis

Practical example

The outdated control system for a press (built before 1995) is replaced by a new PLC-based control system. Is the redesign of the control system to be regarded as a major rebuilding of the press and is it necessary to upgrade the entire safety equipment of the press to the current rules of technology (standards)?

If the intended use of the press does not change and all parameters (speed, pressure, media, etc.) remain the same, the conversion to a PLC-supported control system is to be equated with an increase in safety, which is an insignificant change. The new control system must be designed in accordance with the current rules of technology and its compliance must be confirmed by the control system manufacturer.


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In your company, you provide machines to your employees but you have neither the time nor the opportunity to intensively deal with the topic of "occupational safety"? Do you need support with the application of the Work Equipment Directive or its national implementation? Then take advantage of the opportunity to get information and advice about obligations and laws from us.