You build a new plant and need support for the selection of the protective device? Nobody wants to assume the responsibility at the incorporation of the existing machine for the safety relevant integration? You plan to modernize your existing machine and wish to get an independent concept for a cost effective and safety relevant upgrade?

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Already during the project planning it’s necessary for the development of a ideal use of persons and machines to analyze the operating cycles during the various life cycles. Only if it’s defined WHERE, WHEN and HOW OFTEN operations in danger zones are necessary and WHICH plant sections have to execute movements during set up and maintenance activities, the right technologies (safety measure) can be determined. Not the quantity and costs are a measure for the right choice of the safety measure, but the risk reduction and the affected person’s acceptance. An ideally low impact on the productivity marks up an ideal safety concept.

  • Standards and studies of directives for the analyzation of the current technic rules

  • Implementation/Generation of risk analyses, expertise and evaluations, conveyance of practice oriented proposal of implementation

  • Risk assessment for the estimation of the risk before and after the chosen safety measure

  • Coordination of the various persons’ and/or professional groups’ interests who are involved in the project.

Procedure for a safety concept

Procedure for a safety concept

Practical example

An existing punching machine shall be modernized. For that a complete new control system is installed. What is to be done to satisfy the necessary safety requirements? Is the installation of a safety PLC the solution which fits the best and are so all “problems” solved?

Such a modernization is the perfect opportunity to pay attention to the workflow of this kind of machine, to guarantee a sufficient safety during all activities for all employees while using as efficient procedures as possible. Protection covers, which were always in the way during set-ups, can be maybe replaced through an optical monitoring system which weren’t available in the past. Through the installation of an enabling switch and a safe and slow speed adjustment measures can be simply realized without misleading the fitter to circumvent the limit switch on the cover panel. Such measures increase not only the safety but also the productivity through shorter downtimes.

Reach your goals together

You are not sure which protective device or requirements you need for your plant? You need help at the realization of a new concept for a safety-related upgrade of your existing machines? Or do you have any other questions and concerns round the topic “safety”? We would like to support you and have the right answers to your questions.