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New technical developments characterize our time: Internet of Things, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, System of Systems, Big Data, Smart Factories - are the catchwords of the hour.
More and more companies are looking at the possibilities offered by these trends. New technical solutions will play a major role in our lives in the future and will influence and improve our everyday life as well as the professional environment.
But this development also raises new questions. Questions about functionality and availability, but also very decisively about safety and security - both mechanical and digital. Safety is a system property, not a component property. It is therefore also necessary to see not only the individual, but also the big picture - right from the start of development. Thinking in systems is required!

Safety Thinking is Systems Thinking!

Safety and Systems Engineering is the discipline of the hour! It is the applied systems thinking to successfully manage complex technical projects. In addition to the know-how in planning, development and implementation of complex systems, modern analysis and design methods form the foundation of this young discipline. These include scaled FMEAs, the Shell modell (developed by the Vienna Institute of Safety and Systems Engineering VISSE) or the FFA, to name just a few.
This discipline provides experts who ensure that these revolutionary technologies are implemented safely and in compliance with standards right from the start of development.

TeLo in the Leader Role!

TeLo is the FIRST and currently the ONLY engineering company in Europe to hold a trade licence for the specialist area of "Safety and Systems Engineering". As experts in the implementation and planning of complex systems with a constant focus on safety, we support companies in the development of their products - from safety relays to power plants.

What is the difference between the service "SSE" and the daily business of TeLo?

You are right, many methods from the field of Safety and Systems Engineering are used every day at TeLo. But SSE projects differ from classic projects, among other things, in the complexity and degree of new development. The most important difference is the answer to the question whether the project is within already defined regulations (standards) or whether it is entering new safety technological territory. Innovative development projects in particular often move in the not (yet) regulated area, which makes the application of methods from the field of Safety and Systems Engineering indispensable for an objective proof of safety. SSE enables pioneering work!

We accompany you during the Project-Lifecycle

Determination of observation limits (intended use) - risk assessment (risk analysis and evaluation)- definition of safety requirements - verification - implementation - validation - certification (external)

Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Vienna

A partnership with the Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering (VISSE) has existed for years. As a cooperation partner of the in Central Europe unique, part-time master's degree course "Safety and Systems Engineering" at the FH Campus Wien - in which we also act as lecturers - TeLo enables, among other things, the creation of a network of safety experts through the announced scholarship, which will be an essential part of the further development of industrial progress in the future. We are also at the forefront of research and (co-)development in this rapidly growing sector! Together with VISSE, we are working on a universal method for interdisciplinary SSE projects.
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Beispiel: Bauteil- oder Sensorentwicklung

Usually projects of customers are started in a phase in which a known machine or plant type already exists. During the project-specific integration of the already known machines and plants, one or more documents are then explicitly required, such as risk analysis, explosion protection document(s) or a safety concept, which are created by us.
In an SSE project, our work starts with the (co-)development and analysis of a new system, e.g. a new type of electro(-mechanical) component. At the end of this process, the new system must conform to a number of requirements without the existence of ready-made solutions, e.g. in the form of product-specific standards.

Another example would be the development of a new sensor technology to avoid collisions in the field of autonomous driving.  In these projects, a systematic, interdisciplinary approach and the consideration of all external influences acting on the system as well as the consideration of internal interactions between existing subsystems is one of our core tasks.

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Reach your goals together

You have or plan a SSE project and are looking for experts to help you implement your new technology safely?
Then get in touch with us. TeLo will be pleased to accompany you from the start to the realization.