Participation in the development of standards and consensus-based regulations
The company TeLo has decided to also actively participate in the development of standards. As experts in the various standards committees, we can contribute our experience and knowledge to the development of standards. Thus, among other things, we also have an influence on the technical content of future standards in the areas mentioned below.
The development of standards takes into account the recognized principles in the field of standardization, namely coherence, transparency, openness, consensus, voluntary application, independence from individual interests and efficiency. These basic principles are based on the WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement - technical barriers to trade.
The preparation of
  • international standards (International Organization for Standardization ISO and International Electrotechnical Commission IEC) and
  • European standards (European Committee for Standardization CEN and European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization CENELEC)

takes place in the respective standardization committees and the associated working groups.

In addition, the national comments on CEN/CENELEC standards are prepared in so-called mirror committees.

TeLo represents you in the following committees and working groups:

  • International Comitee ISO/TC 199 Safety of Machinery and the associated working groups (WGs):
    • WG 199 03         Safety of integrated manufacturing systems
    • WG 199 05         General principles for the design of machinery and risk assessment
    • WG 199 06         Safety distances and ergonomic aspects
    • WG 199 08         Safe Control Systems


Furthermore, the new Austrian standards committee 270 will be founded in October 2020.
In the future, standards from the international standards committee ISO/TC 199 and the European standards committee CEN/TC 114 will be processed in the individual working groups of the committee.
This includes Type A standards, various Type B standards as well as some Type C standards from various branches of industry relating to machine safety.


Further information on the special Type C standards as well as the further procedure for the reestablishment of standards committee 270 will follow shortly!

If you have any questions about our work in the standard committees or if you want to become a part of a working group yourself, we will be pleased to assist you.

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