With the 25.09.2019 the standard EN ISO 13854:2019 Safety of machinery - Minimum gaps to prevent crushing of parts of the human body was published by the European Standards Institute (CEN). The standard EN ISO 13854 replaces the previous standard EN 349 Safety of machinery - Minimum gaps to avoid crushing of parts of the human body. With this step, the European standard EN 349 was transformed into the international standard EN ISO 13854.

The standard serves to avoid hazards at pinch points. It specifies minimum distances depending on parts of the human body and is applicable if adequate safety can be achieved by this method.


EN ISO 13854 is a Type B1 standard (basic safety standard for certain aspects of safety) in accordance with EN ISO 12100 The requirements in the standard can be supplemented or modified by a Type C standard (machine safety standard).

EN ISO 13854 was editorially revised in the course of the change compared to EN 349, e.g. updating of the normative references.

The good news for manufacturers and operators of machines is that, unlike the old EN 349, the basic values for minimum distances have not been changed.  

We recommend that you take the publication of the new EN ISO 13854 as an opportunity to check whether the current standards are used for the safety-related evaluation of your machines.

We are happy to support you with this.