The standard specifies safety signs used for the purpose of accident prevention, fire protection, protection against health hazards and for escape routes.

The shape and color of safety signs comply with the ISO 3864-1 (Graphic symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings) and the design of the graphic symbols complies with the ISO 3864-3 (Graphic symbols - Safety colors and safety signs - Part 3: Design principles for graphic symbols for application). The EN ISO 7010 standard specifies the safety symbol prototypes, whose size can be adjusted.

The registered security signs are classified into the following categories:
Signs indicating an escape route, the location of a first aid facility or safe behavior (rescue signs) (E)
        Emergency exit (right)
Fire protection sign (F)
             Fire extinguisher
Command sign(M)
       Use eye protection
Prohibition sign (P)
No open flame; fire, open source of ignition and smoking prohibited
Warning sign (W)
Warning of hand injuries
In the new edition of the EN ISO 7010 all amended versions of the EN ISO 7010:2012 have been incorporated and supplemented.
Thus the safety signs, like M048 Use gas detector, W041 Warning of suffocation danger, etc. are included.


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